Swahili Baptist Church Des Moines celebrates launch

On August 5-6, over 200 people gathered to celebrate the launch of Swahili Baptist Church in Des Moines. The two-day event featured speakers and music from Swahili-speaking churches across the continent – Atlanta, Nashville, Sioux Falls, Iowa City, and Ontario. True Bible Baptist Church of Des Moines allowed the church use of their space for the event.

While the gathering was to launch Swahili Baptist Church, Pastor Faustin Alobo said the real purpose was to reach Swahili people in Des Moines with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Alobo came to the United States as a refugee from civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After some time on the west coast, he moved to Des Moines and began serving the Congolese community there as a missionary.

One of the ways Pastor Alobo helps this community is through helping with transportation to doctor visits, job interviews, and yes, to church services. Many in his target community are without reliable transportation, so he was able to use the launch event to raise money to purchase a vehicle for the church. Through cash donations and pledges, attendees contributed over $5000 to the cause.

Please pray for Pastor Alobo, his family, and Swahili Baptist Church as they continue to make Jesus Christ known among Swahili-speaking people in the Greater Des Moines area. Alobo says they have outgrown their space at Crestwood Baptist Church and are seeking a new meeting place in central Des Moines.