We serve 650 people in the Church Ministries including widows and orphans in the Churches and Out of the Churches within the Dzaleka Refugees Camp in Malawi, Central Africa. There is about over 36.000 people from the different Central, Eastern and Northern Countries in Africa. Since the beginning of this 2015’s calendar year, there is still half cut of food for all refugees in Malawi.

During the last September – October 2015’s visit of Pastor Faustin Alobo in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania; many people and Churches expressed their will to join and partner with the ”EFCEM” Headquarters in the USA. We will be adding more Churches and Ministries as God directs us in the future.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo(Fizi Zone- South Kivu), the ”EFCEM” is partnership with the Swahili Baptist Church Des Moines to run its project named:” God’s Love House of Hope ” at Kibundu, Lweba I Village in Fizi Zone, South Kivu Province. Even this partnership is open, the Eden Baptist Church- DRC is not responsible for the running of all these mentioned projects.

In Malawi, our organization is partnering with Mponela Baptist Church in Dowa District under the Baptist ConveNtion of Malawi(BACOMA); and did supply rice and beans to people under our ministries at Dzaleka Refugees Camp through the Eden Baptist Church-Malawi as there is still cut of ration food for the refugees.

In Mozambique, the ”EFCEM” were welcomed by two Churches: The Free Methodist Church of Mozambique, Local Church of Nampula and the Worldwide Church in Mozambique, Local Church of Maratane Refugee Camp which we did support during my last trip there in September 2015.

In Tanzania, we are in partnership with the Gospel Revival Assemblies of God in Iringa Province and the New Harvest Ministries Church of Tanzania at Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, Kasulu/ Kigoma which we did support lastly in September 2015 during my Churches Mission Trip in Africa.

We are in need of your partnership, prayers and supports in order to build the Body of Christ across the world through the Great Commission from Matthew 28:19-20.

‘’EFCEM ‘’ is a Christian not-for-profit organization joining with Churches, Families and Individuals through Opportunities of Orphanage and Elderly Home Projects, Education and Supports their Ministries and Programs, filed in State of Iowa(USA) since October 2015. This Christian organization has its roots from Africa where I had the vision to start it while staying at Dzaleka Refugees Camp in Malawi for almost 10 years as a refugee, originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC), and God directed my family members and me to be resettled to the USA in March 2013.


To extend the Church Ministries in the USA and across the World; and to Work with People of Different Races, Religions, Genders, Ethnics, and Backgrounds in order to fulfill the Great Commission(Matthew 28:19- 20)

                                                                    OUR MISSION

(1) Worship and Serve The Unique Almighty God,

(2) Fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as set forth in Matthew 28:19-20, and

(3) Minister to the Needs of the Poor as the Ministry is able to do so.



    (1). MALAWI: Pastor Mika Moses

                         Eden Church International -Malawi

                         Dzaleka Refugee Camp

                         P.O.Box 31711 Capital City,

                         Malawi, Central Africa,

                         Cell: +265 994 675 735

  (2). MALAWI: Rev, Ceaser Nkhoma

                         Mponela Baptist Church

                         Dowa District, Malawi.

                         Cell: +265 999 711 592

   (3). MOZAMBIQUE: Pastor Superintendendente Wilondja Apela

                                    Igreja Metodista em Mocambique

                                    Igreja Local de Nampula.

                                    Nampula, Mozambique.

                                    Cell: +258 847 282 295

 (4). MOZAMBIQUE: Pastor Mahano Ma-Fataki

                                 Igreja em Cada Localidade em Mocambique

                                 Maratane Refugees Camp

                                 Nampula, Mozambique.

                                 Cell: +258 862 081 123.

   (5). TANZANIA: Bishop Barnabas Kimbe

                             Gospel Revival Assemblies of God / IRINGA.

                             P.O.Box 9833 Dar Es Salaam,


                             Cell: +255 754 395 344

  (6). TANZANIA: Bishop Jonathan Byamungu Majaliwa

                            New Harvest Ministries Church of Tanzania

                            Nyarugusu Refugees Camp

                            P.O.Box 407  Kasulu,

                            Kigoma, Tanzania.

                            Cell: +255 765 184 495


                    *Pastor Machumbe Omari Samueli

                     Eden Baptist Church

                     BARAKA CENTRE, Fizi Zone

                     Cell: +243  821 977 435

                    *Pastor Kilozo Emedi ( Person of Contact )

                      Eden Baptist Church

                     KIBUNDU, LWEBA I Village, Fizi Zone

                     Cell: +243 828 074 265 

                     *Elder Andrea Mukuca Alobo

                     God's Love Orphanage Center DRC

                     KIBUNDU, LWEBA I Village.

                     Fizi Zone/ South Kivu

                     Congo, DR.

                     Cell: +243 822 447 871 

                    *Mr. Valentin Emmanuel ( Finance Adviser )

                     Cell: +243 970 471 839 

                   *Mr. Gedeon Jouvre Mlongeca ( Engineer Contractor )

                    Cell: +243 819 317 445


 (1). UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:  Pastor/Overseer Faustin Loonga Alobo (Church Planter)

                MEETING   ADDRESS::

                 Swahili Baptist Church 

                 3120 E 24th St.,

                 Des Moines, Iowa 50317.


                 MAILING ADDRESS:

                 1445  9th Street,

                 Des Moines, Iowa 50314.


                 Cell: +1 (515) 868 6834

                 Email: pastoralobo@gmail.com

   (2). BRAZIL: Pastor  Bita Atembo Jerome (Person of Contact)

                 Cell: +55 31 7565 5235


            Pastor Shahbaz Rafiq

            EFCEM/ Full Gospel Church

            Father Colony Chack Lashkary

            Post Office Naseera,

            Kharian, Pakistan.

            Cell: +1(92)-306-622-7877

D. EUROPE: ( In the Future )

E. OCEANIA: ( In the Future )